Defense for Marx. A New Interpretation of Marxist Philosophy


by Yang Geng

Pub. Date: 2013

646 pages

ISBN: 978-605-86254-7-1



Canut presents a monograph by a major scholar from the Chinese academia expounding on basic opinions of Marxist philosophy, revealing the ignored or forgotten views by the classical textbook system of Marxist philosophy and systematically demonstrating the opinions that Marx has ever expounded but not sufficiently developed with the view of practical philosophy; meanwhile coinciding with major contemporary issues in order to upgrade them into the basic opinions of Marxist philosophy and highlighting the modernity and contemporary significance of Marxist philosophy and comparison with postmodern thought. Focusing on the studies of the basic features and opinions of Marxist philosophy, the first part puts Marxist philosophy into the grand theoretical backgrounds of history of western philosophy and modern western philosophy, including postmodernism, to explore anew its theme, system features and contemporary signif icance. Part Two reinvestigates the historical process and thinking logic of Marx in founding historical materialism, explores the evolution of the ontology of Marxist philosophy after Marx, and analyzes, from Marx’s point of view, the western philosophy of history, methods of western social science, postmodernism, post-colonialism, and the thought changes of Husserl and Derrida, with a view to highlighting the contemporary significance of Marxist philosophy.

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